Microsoft’s Project X-Ray along with Hololens will turns your house into play ground

Microsoft’s media event has been waited by every tech enthusiast. Ranging from software to smartphones Microsoft has got a number of stuffs in between for tech world. This is what we have observed in this year’s media event kicked off today. Among plenty of waited products we came to know about The Project X-Ray.

The project on which Microsoft has been working for quite a time was made official today. The project in mixed reality entertainment is said to be completed with HoloLens. The project is aimed to change your perspective in gaming.

According to Microsoft on its event the Project X-Ray is made an ambitious game with amazing features. The Project X-Ray will turn your house simply into a game arena. And being in the center of game you are giving mission to protect it. The game includes missions where you have to protect yourself from aliens. As your house is turned into an arena aliens are set to appear from your walls. Thus you have to kill them while hiding out there before they break into your house and attack you.

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Hololens and Project Xray

The game is made with an extreme level of creativity. Using the X-Ray technology it creates an impressive game arena for you. With X-Ray your house is analyzed and things are placed accordingly. The most interesting part, it decides things in a creative way and places the aliens at places to raise the level of thrill in the game. You will find the bad guys appearing from unexpected spots and will surely enjoy killing them.

Microsoft offered its users a chance to experience the game on stage. As it was watched by spectators a player was impressively fighting aliens. Holding the controller it was a good show. Many seemed impressed with first show off but users will come out with real review as they get their own hands to the Project X-Ray.

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