Minecraft now available for Samsung Gear VR

Ever since Microsoft acquired Minecraft from Redmond, the game franchise has been incredibly successful. Last month, in the GDC 2016 expo, Oculus and Microsoft announced that they are working on developing Minecraft for Samsung’s Gear VR. And now, Oculus has announced that the open-world hit, Minecraft for Samsung Gear VR is finally here. Officially named Minecraft: Gear VR Edition, the game is said to support all the same features that are in the Pocket Edition, including its creative, survival and multiplayer modes, along with several character skins.




Samsung’s Gear VR headset has been developed in collaboration with Oculus. The headset is powered by Samsung Galaxy devices and the smartphone’s screen acts as the display for the headset.

Samsung has been giving away its virtual reality headset, Gear VR  with the purchase of a new Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. Microsoft might have considered this when deciding which virtual reality platforms to port the open world block building hit. To play the open world game you will  need a Bluetooth controller to move the blocks around. For now, there is no other way to play Minecraft on a Gear VR, so it should be fun to watch someone playing the open world block-builder with VR goggles on.

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The Minecraft: Gear VR Edition is available at the Oculus Store. It comes with all features of the Minecraft: Pocket Edition. The game is priced $6.99 but has seen numerous little enhancements that make it suitable for virtual reality.

In other news, Samsung is working on a new standalone virtual reality headset. Samsung doesn’t want its virtual reality technology to be restricted to its top-shelf smartphone owners only. The company is planning a VR headset that will sport its own display like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Injong Rhee, one of Samsung’s R&D chiefs confirmed at Samsung’s Developer Conference 2016 that the company is working on a new VR headset that will feature positional tracking.

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