Misfit Ray is getting new bands and accessories

Misfit’s latest wearable the Misfit Ray went on sale in the UK this week. The stylish tracker, which is priced at $99.99, was planned before Fossil bought Misfit late last year. But it appears that we will see even more stylish accessories for the Misfit Ray than the Shine’s Swarovski partnership.


misfit ray


At the CES, new bands for the Ray were unveiled.  The sport, leather, and cord bands are currently on sale in carbon black and rose gold finished aluminum, for the price of  $99.99 with a waterproof, rubber sports band. The black or gray leather band is being sold at $119.99.

From 25 July, anyone who hasn’t bought a Misfit Ray yet can get the existing carbon black and rose gold devices with new navy or forest green sports bands. There are also new polished stainless steel trackers in silver and gold finishes. These new tracker-colors will be available with sports bands in white and black or leather bands in cream, white and black. The prices for the Ray plus sports band, or the Ray plus leather band are same no matter which style you choose.

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Another good news is that if you already have a Misfit Ray you will still be able to buy the new accessories separately. The new accessories include gold and silver drop necklaces, double loop leather bands in brown, dark gray and black. There is also a 3-pack of bands available which is  made up of one each Ray band from sport, leather and the popular paracord styles that were revealed at the CES. These accessories and packs are estimated to cost around the $29.99 mark.

“We will be selling through watch and jewelry channels as well which is new, which is where none of our competition is. With the new accessories and color sets which are coming out, those will speak to that sort of clientele. I’m talking John Lewis, H.Samuel, real watch and jewelry stores.”- Niels Van der Valk, regional director of CE, EMEA at the Fossil Group.

The Shine 2 is not missing out either it will be getting new accessory kits in the third quarter of 2016 and new sports bands and colors will follow shortly after.

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