MIUI 7 global rollout to begin on October 27th

After making the announcing in August Xiaomi finally came up with the launch dates for its own flavor of Android OS the MIUI 7. The Xiaomi MIUI 7 is set to rollout globally for selected smartphone models by October 27. It comes with new features and performance improvements running over a number of models. Let’s dig out from the Xiaomi launch announcement more about the upcoming MIUI 7.

Yet we have just the names of smartphones that are to run the beta version of the MIUI7. However Xiaomi has announced to bring the list of models with the final version. Those to run the beta version include its Mi 3, Mi 4i, Redmi 1S, Redmi 2 and Redmi Note Pro. Thus with its arrival we may get an extended list of Xiaomi models and some non-Xiaomi phones as well.

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As Xiaomi introduces the new MIUI 7, it brings forward many new features. For instance, you will get a number of new UI themes, sleep wakeup feature and child mode alongside many considerable performance improvements. Its core features are kept same no mater it takes over a device with the KitKat or Lollipop.

Xiaomi MiUI

Xiaomi seems confident to bring the custom Android version globally on the announced dates. But for those who can’t wait until it officially lands in the market have an option to check out here. A number of custom ROM developers have been busy recently porting the new ROM to a range of devices. These devices include not only Xiaomi device but also many non-Xiaomi models got the custom ROM ready for try.

If you want to go for an official try than you must check out the beta version made available for the devices that we mentioned above. On the dates announced we will hopefully get the MIUI 7 from the official download page.

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