More Huawei Mate 8 specs and images leaked

As final day of Huawei launch event is near, the smartphone market is set to see many surprises on this years’ big event. The IFA is just about to come and many of the key players in the smartphone market have prepared their pieces to launch on the day. Among these the Huawei is expected with the powerful device the Huawei Mate.

According to the initial details this time Huawei will launch a phablet size device with some powerful components inside. Here we have some fresh leaks that suggest some details about Huawei’s plans for this year’s IFA event. The details are very appreciating and the device expected with the suggested details may make some difference in the market.

Huawei Mate8 Mate S leaked images

While the event is around the corner details are still very little about the device. The name is reported by some sources to be the Mate S or 7S while some other reports point out a Mate 8. While nothing is confirmed the device may pick one name among these or we may see more than one device.

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The device as expressed in the leaked reports is a fingeprint scanner supported phablet. The large device is featured in golden color with an impressive and premium outlook. The leaked picture show a little about the device but it mentioned the name Huawei Mate 8. Additionally to the apparent views the device is described well with some unusual details.

Huawei Mate8 Mate S back side leaked images

It is expected to arrive with a full glass front that features a unitary design concept through the front face. The front glass is stretched to edge with a round off end that gives it a smooth and impressive look.

Over the design the device is described to feature the Kirin 950 SoC that is upgraded over the SoC used in the earlier Huawei Mate. the battery is also reported to get exceptional powers. Still the details are too little we will bring some more for you coming days.

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Huawei Mate8 Mate S

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