More leaked Images appear for BlackBerry Venice running Android OS

The initial reports of expected BlackBerry Venice with Android OS got a considerable following. But since then we have some rear details to add into the BlackBerry-Android venture. It is yet apparently confirmed that the Canadian smartphone maker has gone thru its Android device.

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We had some reports recently which pointed towards a mix of Android OS and basic BlackBerry features. According to reports BlackBerry Venice will carry company’s famous enterprise features alongside the Android OS. Now we have another matching leak with some additional info about BlackBerry Venice.

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The hints we have got says that from the enterprise side it has copied the BlackBerry 10. And the Android is restructured to reflect the secured enterprise environment that is BlackBerry’s uniqueness. This is displayed at boot where the default droid appears with a shield. You can get the idea from BlackBerry, a secure and enterprise version of Android.

BlackBerry Venice running Android Lollipop OS

Leaked images show the Android running on BlackBerry Venice includes Google Now and some other features. On a separate image it seems like BlackBerry is going to introduce app cards with different sizes. Thus you can pin any of your app on the size you want it to appear. The picture shows BlackBerry tag at the top with an additional phrase.  At the top it says ’powered by Android’ showing that it would be running Android inside.


BlackBerry Venice users are reported to have some additional options to manage the stuffs as they want. These include options to change what to see on the home screen and what to open right from there. For instance, it allows opening mail or BBM app and righting the message directly. The BlackBerry Venice is also reported to bring some powerful specs inside to give the users a completely different experience of Android. Expectations are high and we may get some more info sooner.

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