N10 Smartwatch come Sports watch Review

If you are an outgoing person, love the outdoor sports and do the outings and adventures on regular basis then one of the most important companion of yours is the N10 smart sport watch. Yes the smart sport watch! So if you are going for tracking on the mountains or planning for casual hiking, you definitely need the compass, barometer, thermometer, altimeter along with your heart rate monitor other necessities will be a sleep monitor, pedometer and activity tracker. And as we suggested you earlier, all these little but important tools are in N10 smart sport watch.

The N10 smartwatch come sport watch is equipped with MTK2501 chip and supports Bluetooth 4.0 to connect it with your iPhone or Android phone. The Bluetooth support not only helps the connectivity of your phone with your watch, it also lets you send and receive messages and quick dialer to make or receive the calls on your watch.

N10 smart watch come sports activity tracker at back

Other cool features included are the Remote camera to control your smart phone to take photos, Push notifications support to get instant messages by different social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter on your watch directly.

N10 smart watch come sports watch display

The N10 smartwatch is waterproof and passes the IP67 level tests, which means it can resist the water splash, you can watch your hands and face with wearing it on your wrist and can walk in the light rain. You can buy this wonderful all in one sport watch for just $70 at GearBest and you  can also use the coupon code of GBN10 to get an extra 15% discount.

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