New Moto X brings front-facing LED flash

Motorola is prepared to unveil its models in the smartphone market for this year. The event is set on July 28, just a week ahead to introduce its version in the market. According to the reports emerged earlier, Motorola has set up two devices, the Moto X 2015 and Moto G 2015 to launch this year. It is now expected to announce both of the devices on the same day.

As we have new images telling more about the upcoming Moto X we can now draw some of its features. Earlier the details showed how the next generation of Moto G will look and now we have the idea about the next generation Moto X device. The images reveal much about the concept adopted by Motorola for its next generation devices. Here we discuss it from various angels based on the leaked images of the Moto X 2015.

The top point to note in the expected Moto X 2015 is the front facing camera with LED flash. The flash on front seems Motorola’s adaptations for selfies as it is a growing craze. As we have seen the notable smartphone manufacturers also accepted the emerging passion of selfies and they have adopted certain concepts on their devise. Powerful front facing cameras and wide angle snap capturing has been introduced earlier. Now it seems that Motorola following the same row by bringing something extra to facilitate selfie capturing on its devices.

Other than the specific addition on the front camera the device also seems to have some high and good details. The display of the upcoming Moto X is expected within 5.7 inches while a 5.2 inch device is also in the consideration. Motorola seems introducing the device sooner as reports started emerging about the features and internal details of the devices. Yet there are many pointed not revealed and we are up to get more for you.

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