Next generation iPhone 6S owns a Qualcomm Chip

A fresh report states that next generation iPhone 6S owns a Qualcomm chip which gives it an extraordinary speed, by the help of Qualcomm’s chip its download speed will be double also, in other words we can say that the Qualcomm’s chips gives it that much potential energy which would make its performance effective from entire aspects.

Since the announcement of Apple’s next generation iPhone, the iPhone users are expecting much improvement in it, as in previous reports, it was told that Apple brings changes in next generation iPhone from both angles, software and hardware.

Since then the news of improvements in next generation iPhone are wondering from its hardware portion, as a fresh report tells about the inclusion of Qualcomm’s chip. As the Qualcomm’s chips is mentioned, it was introduced to markets in 2013 at first time and currently the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are also using the same chip. After the one year of it release, it was used in Samsung Galaxy S5 of Korean version.

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According to the report the chips doubles it download speed from 150 Mbps to 300 Mbps and its upload speed is 50 Mbps which becomes higher in extremely effective cellular networks up to 200 Mbps which gives users a power to download and upload data within seconds.

Next Generation iPhone 6S owns Qualcomm back

The size of motherboard of next generation iPhones is smaller in size as compare to the motherboard size of current iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the smaller size of motherboard produces room for a bigger battery which gives long lasting battery.

Along with Qualcomm’s chip, there are news about some other changes like use of Touch Force technology and it is said that the next generation iPhone is more slimmer than the existing iPhones of Apple, but users should wait for more upgradation in next generation of iPhones.

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Next Generation iPhone 6S owns Qualcomm

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