No official certifications exist for Hoverboards: Safety Commission

Hoverboard is the new emerging gadget but fresh reports have raised a number of concerns over its safety. Many of the Hoverboard users reported accidents with their gadget while some were filmed bursting into flames. The concerns are growing which forced some vendors to give a sense of safety to their customers by tagging the gadgets as safe and certified. But, the hoverboard is still a ‘fire under your feet’ as the alleged certifications got rejected.

lexus slide hoverboard

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission the safety of hoverboard is still bogus and the investigation into its security is yet to be final. Earlier the Underwriters Laboratories UL expressed satisfaction over safety of some hoverboard components but it refrained from certifying safety of hoverboard. Therefore the UL tag on some hoverboard seems misguiding.

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Underwriters Laboratories works independently to conduct standard tests on different products. The UL has officially approved about 14billion products so far. The current scenario developed after UL safety badges were tagged on hoverboard by Swagway. The UL responding to the alleged act, clarified that no such test was conducted to certify the hoverboard for safety. It explains that the certification was actually for hoverboard components like battery and other minor internals.

Right now the all hoverboard are all being sold without any safety certification. However, certification is a voluntary process and manufacturers can sell hoverboard without certification but its safety has become a serious concern. The UL said that the requirements for hoverboard certification are being developed but they are not final yet.

Hoverboard catches the fire

The UL has recently started testing various components of hoverboard. From the tests it emerged that they are mostly being manufactured with low-quality material. Due to use of low-quality material many hoverboards encountered accidents. The same situation forced Amazon to pull sales and offer refunds to its customers.

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