Nokia 1100 powered by Android Lollipop render images and Video

Just a week ago we shared with you about the ‘alleged plans’ of Nokia to launch Nokia 1100 powered by Android Lollipop 5.0. A benchmarks website brought this into lights by sharing the details of benchmark tests with fewer but exciting details. It was claimed that Nokia will brought the new Nokia 1100 with Android Lollipop OS in 2016. As we know that Nokia is not allowed to make phones since the purchase of its mobile division by Microsoft.

Unfortunately this was just a fake story like the Nokia C1 Android phone and no other sources confirmed about this. But Nokia has a large fan base and anyone who has used Nokia once will always like to use it again. This is only some bad calculations of Nokia which led it into such position and their decision to go with Microsoft Windows Phone did not fulfill the demand of the users who wanted to use the Nokia phone powered by Android. We saw the same urge when Nokia introduced its powerful Nokia N1 tablet powered by Android Lollipop and it sold out in no time.

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Now that those rumors are almost dead that Nokia is going to re-make its most successful phone the Nokia 1100 with Android Lollipop, we have the renders of the conceptual Nokia 1100 with Android Lollipop. The theme of these renders is ‘How Nokia 1100 will look like if it is smartphone with Android’.

Earlier we shared with you some renders of Nokia 3310, another Nokia successful device in which it was designed as a smartphone. Do you think Nokia will climb the ladder of success if it comes back with an Android Lollipop phone or not? Do share your thoughts with us.
Courtesy to Jermaine Smit for the images.



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