Nokia 1100: Online benchmarks rumor new Nokia Android Lollipop Phone

Nokia cannot make a smartphone until the end of 2016 and all of us know that this was the part of deal made between Nokia and Microsoft when Microsoft acquired Nokia Phone Business. But earlier this year Nokia surprised everyone with the Nokia N1 tablet, the Android Lollipop powered tablet by Nokia. At the same time Nokia announced that it is planning to launch the Android powered smartphone with the brand name of Nokia as well. Since then there are a lot of rumors and we have seen renders of the alleged or fake Nokia C1 as well but later the rumors about Nokia C1 went into dark. But this week when MWC 2015 is at its peak and all the smartphone giants except Apple showed off there including Samsung, HTC, Sony, Acer and Microsoft, Nokia Android phones are again in the news. The latest leaks suggest its Nokia 1100 with Android Lollipop which Nokia is planning to launch.

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If you remember, Nokia 1100 was famous feature phone of Nokia, which was a big success in terms of popularity and sales at its time and the latest leaks suggest Nokia is bringing the Android Phone with the same name. The latest benchmarks suggest that Nokia has started testing the phone as well. The specifications of the alleged Nokia 1100 suggest it has ARM MT6582 quad-core processor with 1.30 GHz processing speed. With 1280 x 720 HD display the leaked Nokia 1100 will be equipped with 8 MP camera at its back allowing 1080p HD video recording.


While the news leaked is not confirmed and no further details are out, we cannot decide if Nokia is planning for something right now or not. With the success of Nokia N1, Android Lollipop powered tablet, certainly we can expect an Android smartphone by Nokia but according to the agreement between Nokia and Microsoft, Nokia cannot manufacture Phones with its brand name until the end of 2016 and it suggests it’s almost two years.

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If Nokia is not going to break the agreement, thinking of an Android phone 2 years before does seem a good idea to us as no one can predict where technology will be after two years. Was this story a dream someone saw or it was only a Sketch like we showed you earlier How Nokia 3310 will look like if it was a smartphone, time will tell us.

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