Nokia C1 : Is this new Nokia Smartphone with Android lollipop

Despite Nokia is not allowed to make its own smartphones for at least next 2 years because of its deal with Microsoft, there are rumors that Nokia is planning to launch its own Android based phone very soon. Earlier everyone saw the release of Nokia N1 tablet, which runs Android Lollipop version on it and Nokia has high hopes with it.

The initial rumors about the new Nokia smartphone Nokia C1 suggest it will be a mid-range smartphone with running latest Android Lollipop 5.0.1 over it and it will be accompanied with Nokia Z Launcher like the Nokia N1 tablet.

The rendered images of Nokia C1 were also published by TechWeb and both images are inspired by the slate like design of Nokia N1.


When talking about the specifications, the rumors are it will be a 5 inch screen with a chipset made by Intel. With 2GB RAM it will have 32 GB of storage and will be equipped with 8MP rear and 5MP front camera. There are no details if the new Nokia C1 smartphone will have micro-SD with it or not.

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While this decision of Nokia to bring its devices with Android is very late, it will have an impact on the Android smartphone market and it will help Nokia regain its lost markets.

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