Nokia Enters Into The Virtual Reality World With $60,000 ‘OZO’ Camera

Nokia has decided to revive on the international electronics scene. The long-lost or rather long-forgotten company has been making an entry in snippets. This time, around the company, is surprising us with some really cool stuff. The Finnish company released a low-cost Android tablet N1 just a few times ago. Now, it is back with a bang with a VR camera.

Nokia 'OZO' Camera

Carrying an eye-opening price tag of $60,000, the VR camera is super smart in appearance with grey color, sphere shape and total eight lenses inside. The Nokia VR camera has been named as OZO. While justifying the aggressive price tag the company has revealed that such heavy cost means that the camera can either be sold or to be rented for the temporary time being to the film-making professionals. However, Nokia is also planning to introduce cheap versions of the same camera for those who do not want to rent it and are no professionals at the same time.

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The presence of so many lenses in one technology can be justified, too.  In order to typical virtual reality videos with the types of equipment present today, filmmakers have to use a different number of cameras with different lenses pointing to different directions. Regardless, the OZO camera has efficiently included all that into one single item. All the cameras and the microphones are restricted to a single device.

Nokia 'OZO' Camera

What’s the point here is that the camera is still kind of under-progress? Nokia’s dedicated software is still learning ways to blend all the videos from different lenses together for a single VR broadcast. However, we can expect that the solution would soon be here in the form of an update. The Finnish company, Nokia, is happy to be in the VR camera market in its early stages. Nokia claims that the launch of OZO camera is a milestone in achieving the consumer hardware division with telecommunications equipment.

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In reference to the Gartner analyst Brian Blau, more than one million virtual and augmented reality headsets will be sold this year. However, nearly 10 years would be required in order to make this technology as fruitful as possible. With the introduction of OZO camera, that too with the renting option is beneficial for all those who want to experiment with this technology. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.