Nokia Lumia 1030 release date, Specifications unveiled

Microsoft is planning to launch Nokia Lumia 1030 in early 2015, the same year when Apple iPhone 6 is going to hit new sale records ever for its iPhones. Nokia Lumia 1030 is the successor of Nokia Lumia 1020 and according to reports, Nokia Lumia 1030 will be the iPhone killer as the device will launch next year.

Nokia launched the Lumia 1020 with a camera up to 41 megapixel in 2013 and now Microsoft is eyeing to launch the device’s successor Nokia Lumia 1030 which is expected to have the same camera but boosting up the specs. The Nokia Lumia 1030 is expected to be company’s flagship device in 2015.


Internet has been flooded with the Nokia Lumia 1030 and Apple iPhone 6 photos side by side. These photos show The Nokia Lumia 1030 fair bit larger than Apple’s handset.

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Gsm Arena claimed that Nokia Lumia 1030 would have 2GB of RAM and 1080p display. The device would have a dual-LED flash, as opposed to the xenon one found in its predecessor, it will also support 4G and sport slots for a microSD and a micro SIM and32GB onboard storage.

Earlier, there were some rumors about the software giant that Microsoft was quietly killing Nokia Lumia 1030, which is also known as the Nokia McLaren. But now reports says that Microsoft is actually pushing through with this “iPhone killer” and may be releasing Nokia Lumia 1030 next year.

Microsoft and Nokia are taking a bold step in 2015 by releasing their flagship phone “Nokia Lumia 1030“ to go head to head with Apple’s bestselling product but they do not have more choices if they want to survive in the market of smartphone world where they are way behind.

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