Get a Nokia Lumia 635 from Virgin Mobile at $39.99

Microsoft eyes not only the market leaders to get a leading position but also the lower end market to expend the scope of its smartphones. Recently Microsoft with its pricing showed its leaning towards the bottom end of the smartphone market.

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This is evident in the prices set for the Microsoft Lumia 435. It is made available at the Walmart at a price of $50 without contract. This is quite surprising for the budget customers to expect a device like Lumia 435 at this price without contract.

Another move of Microsoft for lowering down prices is seen with the Lumia 635 at Virgin Mobile. The Lumia 635 which is tagged at $99.99 in the market is now made available at the Best Buy with unbelievably down prices of #39.99 without contract.

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Nokia Lumia 635-3

Considering the lowered prices the specs of Nokia Lumia 635 are too good. Available at $39.99 the Lumia 635 features a 4.5 inch screen with exceptional pixel density of 221ppi. The display size is kept average considering the budget customers but the pixel density is relatively high then its related devices.

Apart from the display internally the specs are perfect with the budget range. With a chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 accompanied by 1.2GHz quad-core CPU the Lumia 635 give you a sufficient performance.

The storage option for the Lumia 635 is kept in two different ranges. You can have a Nokia Lumia 635“> with 512 MB or 1GB RAM according to your need and convenience. The device is priced at same range with its both storage options. For instance, you will have the Lumia 635 at $39.99 in any of the storage option and the only thing considered is that the 512MB device is available with free shipment and for 1GB you have to visit the shop. You will also get a minimal 5 megapixel camera which is usual with budget smartphones.

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