Nokia Moonraker smartwatch images leaked; no more in the pipeline

A large number of projects were assumed scrapped in Nokia’s transition to Microsoft but some of them managed to surface even after cancelation. These include the McLaren which was also named as Lumia 1030 and the supposed smartwatch, the Moonraker. Some fresh photos of the same cancelled Nokia smartwatch have surfaced yet again.

Nokia moonraker smartwatch
Concept of the alleged Windows 10 smartwatch

The Moonraker was reported at that time to carry the interface based on Microsoft’s own mobile operating system. Though the alleged Nokia smartwatch has been discussed a plenty of times but this time it is being discussed again with more details and undisclosed looks. Some of these images are out there showing the actual prototype of the so called Moonraker.

Following recent developments in smartwatch market the competition is getting tough which has not been the case at the time of Nokia. Therefore the concept on the alleged Nokia smartwatch seems to be an aged one. Also with aged design concept the software it runs is also far beyond the latest version of key watch OS in the market.

Without comparing the Moonraker with today’s key players we can assist its basic looks and feels as the cancelled smartwatch. The brief view into the watch gives us the feel of first LG G Watch which was out in all rectangular shape. Thus we can judge it as a smartwatch that could have stand against first generations of key brands in the market.

Based on the previous reports we have a number of features that are supposed on the Nokia Moonraker. These include some basic smartwatch features like calendar and while email and messages were also considered.

The Nokia smartwatch could have been capable of accepting, rejecting calls and tracking activities but it is not clear if there was any microphone and speaker on the chart. Apparently the Watch was also expecting some noted features including Facebook and Mix Radio integration. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.