Nokia to re-enter the smartphone business

While the smartphone market is busy with many key player including Samsung, Apple and even Microsoft, many may have missed the time when Nokia used to rule the market. Nokia Lumia transformed into Microsoft Lumia soon after deal between both companies. But now fresh reports suggest the comeback of Nokia in the smartphone market.

In a recently issued statement, Nokia discussed its plain about manufacturing and selling smartphones once again. The statement was confirmed by spokesperson of Nokia who said that the company is planning to enter the market. However we still may not see Nokia selling smartphones as the company looks for partners to sell out its products.

Nokia may also want to get back into the smartphone business full preparations which stop the company to jump in right now. In the deal with Microsoft, Nokia has handed over it’s almost infrastructure related to the smartphone business. According to the company’s Spox as Nokia handed over the devices and services department to Microsoft it has also given up other departments. The company has abandoned operation in other departs including marketing and distribution which are essential for its device manufacturing operations.

Nokia has now chosen to inter the market thru brand licensing after addressing the lack of infrastructure following deal. For this purpose it is reportedly looking for a partner to manufacture, sell and do effective marketing for the devices. The future partner is also supposed to take care of customer support for its branded handsets.

Though you may think that what job is left behind for Nokia itself after handing over all such tasks to a partner company, but Nokia has still kept the prime job to itself. It will decide the design concept along with the technological specifications of the products sell out by its partner.

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