Oculus Won’t Work On Macs Until Apple Launches A “Good Computer”

Apple and Virtual Reality are in discussion of various technological debates. We have been thinking for a long time what Apple will do with a VR tech in production. Just so you want to know the opinion of a great community, a renowned VR company commented about implications of Apple and VR and the Cupertino Company today.

Oculus Won't Work On Macs Until Apple Launches A "Good Computer"

Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey is the guy who is in the tech news headlines for today. After attending Microsoft Windows 10 Showcase in San Francisco, to founder chit chat a bit with ShackNews. The founder was asked about the possibility of his VR platform boasting Mac OS X. Palmer Luckey responded to the question in a very controversial manner by stating that it depends on if Apple ever “releases a good computer.” Now starts the fight of Oculus VS Apple lovers!

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Luckey proudly stated that a “Good Computer” is based on a graphics performance. This is the reason Apple doesn’t produce good computers, and Oculus Rift relies on good graphic results. He further clarified his statement by stating that the company doesn’t fulfill the criteria of a good enough graphics performance to meet the specifications as preferred by Oculus.

As per Luckey’s demand, even a Mac Pro with the high-end AMD FirePro D700 is not sufficient to run Oculus Rift. He clearly emphasized in his statement that;

“It boils down to the fact that Apple doesn’t prioritize high-end GPUs. You can a buy $6,000 Mac Pro with the top of the line AMD FirePro D700 and it still doesn’t meet our recommended spec. If they prioritize higher-end GPUs like they used to for awhile back in the day, I think we’d love to support Mac.”

The Oculus Rift founder left no stone unturned to degrade the Computers’ present out there. He firmly said that there is not even a single “machine” available nowadays which can support the Oculus Rift properly.  He acknowledges that while Mac users may want to use Oculus Rift, there’s just “no audience of people that can run the vast majority of software out there.”

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The statement by the Rift owner is controversial enough to spur a tech fight. To those who don’t know, Oculus Rift headset was originally supposed for Macs. However, the company put the development on pause about a year ago. The manufacturers at that time stated that they wanted to focus more on providing a high-quality experience for Windows users. The Oculus plans indicated that they will start working on Mac soon after Windows.

Commenting on the brands fight for the authenticity is the controversial topic, and we have yet to see what happens with the Mac VR users. As for now, the Oculus Rift virtual reality viewer is available for pre-order at $599. The shipments are expected to start by July.

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