Office 2016 comes to serve Mac Users

Microsoft Office 2016 came to serve the Mac users with lots of new features and upgradation which is now available for the Mac users to download, said Microsoft.

In its official website Microsoft announced that the Office 2016 has been released for Mac user which is now available to 139 countries internationally along with 16 different languages, but Microsoft’s Office 2016 is only available to those people who are the subscribers of the Office 365 subscribers who pay $9.99 monthly and $99 annually.

The Office 2016 will available to purchasers of one-time soon near in September 2016, but Microsoft did not announce its price. With this option all those people who have not subscribed to Office 365, will get benefit from the Microsoft 2016.

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Officially the Office 2016 was introduced in the initial of this year, at that time Microsoft did not give any fixed date for its launch. At the time of its preview, it was shown with lot of new features and updates; with its launch all those promises are seen in practical.

Office 2016 contains five apps of Microsoft which are named as OneNote for Mac, Power Point for Mac, Outllook for Mac, Excel for Mac and Word for Mac. One more especial scoring point of Office 2016 is that its each application has been given exclusive concentration for the purpose of bringing improvements them, in this way in Microsoft Word an option has been added with a title of Design tab which assists in the edit of preferences of layout, similarly one new feature has been installed in PowerPoint which gives it new mode titled as presentation mode and Microsoft Excel of 2016 has been added lots of shortcuts keyboard.

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In it further detail the Microsoft stated that before preview of the Office 2016, there were lots Mac users who had given us near 100,000 feedbacks related to the manufacture of the Microsoft Office 2016, by the help of these feedbacks company could release 7 updates with most effective improvements like improvements in Word’s Mailing system, Outlook’s Propose New Time and Excel’s External Data Connection. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.