Official Video shows Samsung Gear S2 looks really smart

The Gear S2 smartwatch by Samsung is yet to arrive to its potential users. The users are busy placing pre-orders while retailers setting up for an early shipping. Meanwhile Samsung came up with a fresh video showing the Gear S2 and what it is up to do when it comes to the users.

Samsung titles it ‘Dial In’ which shows the possibilities with the Gear S2. At the top it gives you a refined health and fitness feature. It not only monitors your fitness tasks but also help you maintaining your fitness targets. There you have many ways to keep and maintain the things up to the mark.

Another view in to Gear S2 shows up how easy it is to send text messages. Just write it up and let it on your watch for latter forwarding. And on the Gear S2 what you need to do is to turn the bezel and you have your message sent.

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With smartphones mingling with other daily life tasks the Gear S2 help out being a really smart wearable. With its multiple features it help keeping your smartphone away for several tasks. Thus enabling you to do other things side by while keeping your smartphone in touch. It also works as a standard bedside clock with just a cool desktop dock.

The promo also shows the Gear S2 power with Tizen working with a number of Android phones. Thus with a smartphone running Android 4.4 or later version with 1.5GB RAM you can set thing up on the Gear S2. These of course include Samsung Galaxy devices. While running the cellular enabled watch you will need the handset at all.

Verizon is set deal on November 6 with two years contract at $299.99 at $349.99 if without contract. T-Mobile is also set to get the device but a weak later.

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