OnePlus 2 in pictures for first time

OnePlus 2 is in pictures at the very first time, in which it is shown from four angles, front, back, right-hand side and left-hand side, showing its body clearly, pictures are disclosed by Tenaa.

According to the sources, a Chinese wireless regulator Tenaa has disclosed pictures of OnePlus 2 at the very first time, which were never been disclosed officially by OnePlus. The pictures of OnePlus 2 have been unveiled 6 days before its official launch.

OnePlus has just unveiled few key features of OnePlus 2, and the other details were not made public. Mostly companies never disclose pictures of their upcoming smartphones before their launch, but leakers leak them!

According to the pictures of OnePlus 2, from front view its wide screen is visible along with a home button beneath the screen, but the home button is physically not associated in touch technology. Its back shows its primary camera along with its flash light, except these two object only the company logo is appeared, else nothing, which also shows its simplicity from its back view.

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From the right-hand side of OnePlus 2, only three buttons are appeared, among three two are button of up and down of volume, below these buttons, one single button is appeared which is the button of its power on and off.

Left-hand side of OnePlus 2 appears the feature of fingerprint readers, else nothing. It is said that it owns a metal body which is very slim physically.

The disclosed key features of OnePlus 2 are its 13 megapixels primary camera, RAM of 4 GB, a long life battery of 3,300 mAh, a Snapdragon 810 processor and a feature of dual sim slots.

The price OnePlus 2 is just $300 which is a suitable price for a smartphone of this range. OnePlus has released a smartphone before by the title of OnePlus one which succeeded to prove its existence, which resulted it in the launch of another smartphone.

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