OnePlus 2 makes appearance with 4GB RAM at benchmark site

Following the details from past days, the OnePlus 2 smartphone has been calculated with many of its specs and internal features. Still there are many details about the much expected device to be out and also the manufacturer seems trying to keep the customers excited with leaked details. Here is another hint out about the features of the OnePlus 2 which may add some extra to its value.

Currently three separate models of the OnePlus 2 are reported all featuring slight differences in the specs and features. As we have discussed earlier among the three models the first one named as A2001 was reported to load the Snapdragon 810 SoC chipset with upgraded features. Another distinctive feature of the A2001 model is reported to be the 3GB RAM which is change in other models.

After A2001 now details are out about the second model which is the A2003. Considering the details about the A2003 we find the same Snapdragon 810 SoC chipset but here it is an Octa-Core which can give you performance up to 1.55GHz. The CPU clocking looks great as details keeps emerging out the device seems gaining more powers internally. It is already reported the new OnePlus 2 will have to carry Type-C USB port and will have 5.4 in screen display.

OnePlus 2 Benchmarks reports

As we have discussed several times the OnePlus 2 particularly addresses the upgrade over the Snapdragon 810 chipset that was reported with many issues. Therefore you will find the same build of chipset but with upgraded feel as it’s opt for the 2.1 version of the Snapdragon 810. Apart from the move to fix issues the chipset is still circled with many concerns which can reduce the value of the OnePlus devices, if not addressed.

Alongside the Snapdragon chipset’s new version the A2003 is also powered with 4GB or RAM which is higher than its first model. As the virtual reality presentation event by OnePlus is due on July 27, the A2003 is also expected to unveil on the day.

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