OnePlus 2 may run on Snapdragon 810

Continues leaks and reports coming out since the introduction of The OnePlus 2 that have introduced the almost device to its expected buyers.

There are spec lists that seems not only interesting but also trustworthy following the continuously emerging reports. The device has been reported to have the chipset of Snapdragon 810 along with the addition of USB Type-C with a metallic body.

Here we have some more about the device you may want to mention before you get your hands on the upcoming OnePlus 2.

The device will bring more than average, a large screen of 5.5 inches that will display with resolution of 1080 pixels. With the metallic body and large and impressive display you will get an outstanding outlook of the OnePlus 2.

Internally the Snapdragon chipset is accompanied by powerful storage options. It introduces 4 GB RAM and about heavy 64 GB internal storage options. The device was earlier reported to bring an upgraded version of the Snapdragon chipset which was reported with many issues on the preceding device on OnePlus. But now the reports again show the same Snapdragon which may bring some drawbacks for the upcoming device.

There are other impressive details which brings more light to the OnePlus 2. The camera of the rear of the device is reported to be a 16 megapixel lens with a good selfie camera on front having 5 megapixels. Alongside the other specs the battery on the OnePlus 2 is going to be a 3300mAh which is quite big.

However the spaces are good and powerful the device may become heavy enough in your hand. The estimated weight is sought to be about 166g which is much hefty.

Still a few days to go, the leaks and estimations suggest that the device will bring sufficient arrangements for issues specially regarding the snapdragon chipset and overheat issues.

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