OnePlus 2 price confirmed under $450

The date for arrival of the successor of OnePlus One smartphone, the OnePlus2 has arrived closer as the company has set up a launch event for July 27. The arrival of OnePlus 2 will end a long wait that begun soon after last year’s launch of the OnePlus One. The device that carries much higher prices than the preceding device is reported to be a chunk of features and solution for many problems faced in the OnePlus One.

As we have noticed a rush of leaks and some official details out from last months the CEO of the OnePlus once again take to social media to confirm some more details about the upcoming OnePlus 2. The details out now are about the prices of the device.

As we mentioned above the device will be tagged with much higher prices than the OnePlus One which was priced at $299 at the arrival last year. But comparing its prices with the other flagships of its class, the device still seems carrying a convincing price tag. As the CEO confirmed, the OnePlus 2 is set to go with a price tag of $450 which is about double of OnePlus One.

The prices are however, expected to get lower by the time the device arrives in the market. But still on the currently confirmed price the device is not bad as it offers specs and features that can create a good demand for the OnePlus 2.

Considering the details of the OnePlus 2 we find a metallic body with large display and heavy components inside. The design concept on OnePlus 2 is unlikely to the OnePlus One which was presented in polycarbonate. The display is yet not confirmed but likely to be either 5.5 inch or 5.7 inch which makes more sense considering the range and target market of the device. Along with these you will get an upgraded Snapdragon 810 processor, fingerprint scanner and upto 4GB of RAM. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.