OnePlus One banned for selling Cyanogen in India

Indian smartphone market is among the attractive markets for both expensive and budget smartphones. It makes many of the emerging smartphone vendors turning to India. But this attractive market was not favorable for OnePlus which had to face the ire of authorities. Previously the emerging Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi also faced similar consequences.

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It emerged after Indian smartphone vendor Micromax became successful to secure an injunction from Delhi High Court to ban the sale and advertising of OnePlus devices in India. These moves were made after OnePlus issued Cyanogen branding on its devices in Indian market.
Micromax has claimed to be the only authorized dealer to sell Cyanogen running smartphone in India. Although Micromax has revealed early in this year that it has done partnership with Cyanogen but it was not till recent that it revealed the exclusivity of partnership. It has also announced to launch a series of handset with CyanogenMod custom ROM.

This development came out just after the official launch of OnePlus One smartphone in India. OnePlus has also done a none-exclusive agreement with Cyanogen in February that allows it to to load Cyanogen custom ROM on its devices. In this regard Cyanogen had also stated to not provide software updates for those users who were purchasing the OnePlus One in Indian market however the smartphones from outside of India could still get the updates.
At this time the point of concern seems to be the presence of the Cyanogen branding on OnePlus smartphones in India. This branding became the base for the court appeal by Micromax against OnePlus. Micromax had claimed that it has incurred certain expenses while clearing brand exclusivity for Cyanogen operating system in Indian smartphone markets. And now selling of OnePlus smartphones in India with Cyanogen branding is said damaging for the brand exclusivity of Micromax. As per the ruling of Delhi High Court the OnePlus is now ordered to remove its Cyanogen running smartphones from Indian stores. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.