OnePlus explains the USB-Type C cable, adapter issues and devices names

OnePlus finally admits the issues being faced with the USB-Type C on its devices, in a release with suggested remedies. The USB-Type C adapters and cables were reportedly causing damage to power sources. Now we know the issue is basically because of the non-standard accessories used with USB-Type C cables and adapters.

According to the release by OnePlus addressing the issue, the cable and adapters with USB-Type C are safe with its OnePlus 2. Thus if you have got the cable and adapter with the OnePlus 2 you may not face the problem. However those who have purchased the cable and adapter for other devices are still vulnerable.

For such users who don’t own an OnePlus 2 but have the cable and adapter the company has announced a refund which users can claim before 31st of December. However those getting the accessories out of box with their OnePlus 2 cannot avail the offer. The standalone cable and adapter are available on company’s website as standalone products which users can purchase.

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OnePlus has made the process a little complicated to get refund with the accessories creating problems. This is actually because the issue is limited to particular devices while many others like the OnePlus 2 are found safe. Thus company wants to ensure the authenticity of the claims thus you may have to go through a little form filling.

charts explaining OnePlus CType USB

If you think you are eligible for a refund then go to the website where you will find the process to follow. Here you will get a form that you need to fill to claim your money back. With the claim form you can also locate the chart of devices that are compatible with the accessories and those having issues. As it is shown on the chart all devices with CCC, CE or UL certification are listed as safe.

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