OnePlus To Get OxygenOS Update With Android Marshmallow Soon!

OnePlus is one of those companies which are still trying to establish itself in the Smartphone world with full might and strength. The company is always trying to be innovative with its models and is introducing spiced up tweaks and bits, here and there. Connecting this fact, we all know that the company refrains from shipping simple Android OS with all of its devices.

OxygenOS Update With Android Marshmallow

The smart OnePlus jazzes up Android with OxygenOS. However, people still expect Android to be the best part of the device. The audience keeps on craving for more and more and always wants the latest version of the OS to begin with. As for the latest Android managing to steal the Smartphone industry with its updated features is the Android Marshmallow. No wonders and surprises here!

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As per different sources, OnePlus is allegedly testing a new Android 6.0 update. The reports have stated that the update will be paired along with the company’s latest OxygenOS 3.0. As far as the authenticity of the report is concerned it is unknown, however, we do have some solid screenshots revealed by a OnePlus 2 user, managing to prove our point.

Coming to the screenshots and the paired news, the snaps confirm that the device is running full-fledged on Android Marhsmallow. What’s more is that we all see some sort of tweaks and changes with the OnePlus ROM. The screenshots show us a lot about the new, customizations to the home screen, refreshed wallpapers, and a slider for alerts.

The latest OnePlus effort, OnePlus, received the Oxygen 2.2.1 update earlier this month. The update added some new, rejuvenated entries and features but they weren’t so good to ponder over. However, the alleged screenshots and the fusion of the latest Android Marshmallow with OxygenOS 3.0 is the real part of the excitement.

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Screen Shots of the Oxygen OS over Android M Flavour

 OxygenOS Update With Android Marshmallow

 OxygenOS Update With Android Marshmallow

 OxygenOS Update With Android Marshmallow

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