OnePlus Icons earphones available now [Images]

[dropcap type=”e.g. circle or none” color=”#ffffff” background=”#e53b2c”] W [/dropcap]hile announcing the OnePlus X the company teased a dedicated earphone pair, and here we have our hands on OnePlus Icons earphones. As OnePlus claimed about the earphones will set an example of its own in looks and audio without costing you much. The earphones are now made available, let’s have an unboxing with a short hands-on.

OnePlus might have made you standing in line or waiting for invites for its OnePlus X, but for its earphones no such problems. What you need to do, just go to the official website of the OnePlus where you can make an order without any complication. It is just a normal purchase, go to ‘add to cart’ and you have your order placed.

As we mentioned company’s vow about its looks, you can notice it when the package is delivered to your door. You will get an attractive package, it comes in a stylish red box with silhouette of earphones embossed on front. The designed box opens like a book where you can find more than an earphone pair.

The package contains the stylish OnePlus Icons earphones which gives you a unique impression in first look. With the earphones you can find other stylish things like the earphone pouch. The pouch is leather made and stitched well to give a standard look, also magnet flap is a nice addition. Besides these, there are several ear buds in various sizes to try out in case the preinstalled don’t fit.

Finally coming to the OnePlus Icons earphones we find unique looks with two small cylinders of different sizes holding the actual earphone. The cables are coated in plastic insulation as they go through the unique looking cylinders and joins up with microphone, volume and playback controllers. Finally getting all things up, we find an impressive piece out of OnePlus.

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