Oppo introduces Super VOOC tech that charges smartphones in 15 minutes

As it was rumored before the MWC, Chinese smartphone maker Oppo introduces its quick-charging technology the Super VOOC tech which fully charges smartphones within 15 minutes. Next to the quick charging tech Oppo introduces a sensor based-image stabilization solution the SmartSenor which stands to be the first pixel-level OIS in the market.

According to claims by Oppo, with Super VOOC quick-charging technology an empty 2,500mAh battery can be charged to 100% within 15-minute viva MicroUSB or USB Type-C cable. It is quite fast as compare with other competing solution like the Qualcomm’s QuickCharge 3.0 which takes about 35-minutes to charge an empty battery to 80%.

oppo Super-VOOC

As explained by Oppo its Super VOOC quick Charging tech works on quite different principles compared with other tech in the market. These quick charging solutions actually work on high-voltage fast-charging principles while the Super COOV works with low voltage maintaining a standard voltage and temperature level to ensure safety in long run.

Also other fast charging technologies usually switch to standard mode from fast charging when the device is used, which is not the case with Super VOOC. On other fast charging techs, the device gets hot while used during fast charging. The heat-up is not an issue with Super VOOC which keeps charging the device at the same face no matter the device is being used or placed idle.


The second on the Oppo list is the SmartSensor optical image stabilization solution. According to Oppo the pixel-level OIS of SmartSensor gives you 3-axis stabilization while other OIS solutions mostly works on 2-axis only. While traditional stabilizers take at least 50 milliseconds the SmartSensor takes just 15 milliseconds to give you blur-free shots and video without shakes. This makes Oppo technology about three times faster than the traditional lens-based stabilizers. The SmartSensor gives you more precision and also consume less power which helps to avoid lens heating.

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