Oppo N3 is unbelievably Lightweight

The toe to toe fight is not bound to just Apple, Samsung, and HTC. The Oppo N3 flagship smartphone is ready to jump into the busy smartphone market.

It has now confirmed the launch of its N3 smartphone soon. In which the company has focused on unique aluminum-alloy body which is one-third the density of stainless steel, making it very lightweight. The aluminum-lithium alloy, already being used by modern airplanes like the Boeing 777X, is first time used on a phone. The Lithium alloy will also improve the stiffness of aluminum and stop it from bending under the pressure as experienced in the Apple iPhone 6.

In recent years the Oppo has been successful in drawing plenty of attention by the users with its high-end, innovative devices, though it has not yet enjoyed the fame and popularity that of the renowned companies. It has made the innovation as its focus area, its earlier smartphone model, Find 5 was among the first ones to boast a full HD display, its Find 7 came with more impressive features, N1 came equipped with a rotating camera and finally the next-generation flagship phone is expected to be even more innovative.

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The company is trying its best to keep the excitement up with its periodic revelations about its upcoming smartphone, ahead of the big launch. It has previously revealed that the N3 will boast a new type of cooling system to keep it from heating up and now the company come up with another interesting reevaluations that the new N3 will feature an “aerospace grade metal” build.

It has stirred plenty of buzz, for many it is still hard to believe that Oppo would actually deliver a phone built out of lithium; it’s also still unclear that by which extent the metal is used in the body of phone.

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