Oppo R7 and R7 Plus officially announced

After making smartphone lover to wait a while, Oppo finally unveiled the OPPO R7 and OPPO R7 Plus. The pair of Oppo’s high end smartphones which was announced following an impressive overview on the company’s journey that started ten years back.

Both of the flagships announced by Oppo are highly anticipated and contain many of their features same as they were expected by the smartphone market experts. However, the company has not completely made it according to anticipations. One can find some of its specs and features slightly changed.

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OPPO R7, the smaller model comes with a display size of 5 inch which looks nice but yet small when compared with its counterpart. The OPPO R7 Plus comes with a large size, featuring a display of 6 inches which is stretched edge to edge. Both models have the same AMOLED type of display with the same 1090 pixels resolution. The edge to edge display of OPPO R7 Plus makes it a little more impressive.

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OPPO R7 release date and specifications

Considering the internal specifications of both smartphones, Oppo claims to maintain a standard. For instance, it has included the Qualcomm 615 chip-set alongside the octa-core processor which is supported with 3 GB of RAM. As Oppo claims, any specification below this would be below the limits therefore it maintains this level in both of its flagships.

Apart from these similarities in specs, Oppo has kept the internal storage different. For the OPPO R7 it has kept 16 GB of internal storage while for the OPPO R7 Plus there is 32 GB storage space. For both devices, Oppo provided option for expendable storage which can be added through the micro-SD slot.

OPPO R7 Plus release date and specifications

Again the camera on both OPPO R7 and OPPO R7 Plus is kept a 13 megapixels with f/2.2 lens and other basic camera functions. At the end, considering its battery we find an average 2,320 mAh battery on OPPO R7 and a powerful 4,100 mAh battery on the bigger OPPO R7 Plus.

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