Oppo R7 pre order to begin in US

US smartphone customers now have the opportunity to get the Oppo R7, the device Oppo has promoted much, long after its launch in Chinese market. The arrival in the Chinese market first and the long wait for the US customers looks very understandable.

As we know Chinese smartphone market is the most appealing market for smartphone manufacturer therefore Oppo chose it for launched of its R7 and R7 plus first. But apart being the biggest market it remains lower than the high end markets like that of US therefore now we can see Oppo expending there.

Months after the R7 alongside the R7 Plus started sell in China, the company announced pre orders in the US. The pre-orders are also valid for some other international markets but it seems more focused on US market. We may get the devices delivered in July following the quick shipment recorded by Oppo earlier.

Oppo offered the unlocked R7 with free shipment with price tag of $399. The device is available in two color options where you can choose it in silver or golden outlook. The device which is offered in the US on pre-order unbox with some extra. For instance you can get Speed Metal headphones. The headphones are not included in the original pack which was offered in China.

There is also an inconvenience for US users as it offers European plug for charging that make you arrange a separate adapter while using the R7 in the US. Also there is not US LTE support and only 3G network is there to use if you acquire it from carriers including AT&T and T-Mobile.

Apart from the few inconvenient points on the Oppo R7 there is much to enjoy. So if you are willing to ignore the few spots you will get on the R7 5 inch display with 13 megapixel rear and 8 megapixels front camera and great internal specs with extremely smooth performance.

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