Oppo to ship 50 million smartphones in 2015

As we have seen from past years the progress in Chinese smartphone makers have been amazing. And Oppo, based in China remains on the top list of the manufacturers which consecutively extended its market shares in both high and mid-ranges. And now for 2015 it is planning to ship double the number of devices it had shipped this year.

According to reports Oppo is expected to ship around 50 million devices in the year 2015. This is quite the double of shipment it has made in 2014 which remains at 25-30 million devices. It is a huge number which might lead Oppo to some higher ranks in the highly competitive smartphone market.
oppop n1 mini
This huge shipment by Oppo is not only targeted to the Chinese market but also we will be able to see Oppo device in the market through the world. As reports suggest from its 50 million shipments bout 35 million devices will arrive in Chinese market which holds the highest number of smartphone customers while the remaining 35 million devices are expected to sell out in the international markets.
Oppo has recently earned a good market reputation with its both high-end smartphone and the budget phones. The company uses powerful Qualcomm processor for the high-end smartphones while for the mid-range and entry level smartphones it uses the MediaTek . It is expected to enter in the domestic and international smartphone markets with a full blow as it has reportedly speed up its efforts to boost the shipment of sub-CNY1,000 models . This move is highly expected to pay Oppo with a significant boost in the purchases of its MediaTek devices.

Apart from increasing its shipment Oppo is also increasing its manufacturing plants. It is reportedly going to set up a handset manufacturing plant in Indonesia. Oppo has already claimed its success in the Indonesian market with 6.5% market share. Oppo already have a considerable production capacity with its current plants. It currently has four manufacturing bases in China which produces an average of total of 2.5 million units in a month.
oppo smartphone
As the smartphone market has proved very favorable for the China based manufacturer the New Year might see many of these manufacturers expending their bases. Current reports are evident in the case of Oppo while many other are in line to open up their surprises for the New Year.

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