Take Photos On iOS 8 Without Launching Camera App

Taking photos on Apple iPhone is one of the things the Apple users do with certain dirge of Apple’s unique camera features. No iPhone user can miss out the quality pictures captured on their iPhone with the improved camera app. The new Apple iOS 8 came with many amazing camera features that assisted the iPhone images in a nice way.

Aside from the Apple iOS 8 camera app, there are also tweaks that can simply improve your camera experience. And also now on your iOS 8 you can capture images more quickly without opening the main camera app.

Here we have the QuickShoot Pro app for iOS 8 which makes all these possible for you. Those who are already familiar with this popper jailbreak tweak can expect some more improved services. Thus now you can capture photos and record videos without launching the main camera app and it works right from your home screen.
quickshoot ios 8
With its usable function this jailbreak tweak achieved good success among the Apple users. Its many features accounts for its success includes small but valuable function which can capture photos in half of the time its main camera takes. Now with this app tweak you don’t have to take your phone out, open the camera app and wait for it to load. The manual process of capturing pictures requires repeating the process again and again which you can prevent.

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The QuickShoot Pro options are wide and open and also it captures quick shots without concerning the camera button. Also from the top to bottom of your smartphone it works as the camera button. It is up to users to customize different actions using the Activator gestures that set functions for capturing photos, recording videos and many more. There are also many other options in quick shoot pro which you can use on your iOS 8.

It is made compatible with the iOS 8 and the older versions but certain issues are noticed earlier in the iPhone 4 and some other devices which lack sufficient storage. Therefore you can best experience it on a latest iPhone and the iOS 8. The existing QuickShoot pro owner can update it without paying for it but the new users can download it from the BigBoss repo at $1.49.

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