Pics of iPhone 6 lookalike HTC A9 Aero leaked Again!

Just a week to go, on 20th of this October HTC will finally unveil some of its much waited devices. Though things are not secret following leaked reports showing HTC plans. But on the day we will most probably get confirmations on hand. Among these, HTC is set to bring the HTC A9 Aero. Prior to next week’s event here we have some fresh images of the Aero.

The Taiwanese manufacturer is apparently struggling to improve its presence in the smartphone market. Thus following the expectations, HTC is reported positive with its upcoming devices including the A9 or Aero. The leaked images here we got came following last week’s leaks. Thus they don’t show any particularity but still they are widely admired and responded as well.

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HTC-A9-HTC-Aero side view

The replies following the leaked images of HTC A9 Aero were interesting. Many thought it to be a lookalike of iPhone 6 with matching design concept and placement of external parts. The alleged images also show its design to be a little changed with no speaker on front face. However some noted it to be a dummy instead of the finish devices. Thus when it comes to stage things are expected to be different.

HTC-A9-HTC-Aero leaked images

Apart from looks in the leaked images the HTC A9 Aero is reported with a nice set of specs. Its display is expected to be an AMOLED 5inch with resolution of 920×1080 pixels. Internally the spec list show it carrying Snapdragon S617 SoC backed with 2GB RAM.

Thus with large display and heavy specs you may get a really powerful addition in HTC family. Finally to mention the HTC A9 Aero is expected with 13megapixel main camera. And on its front you will get a 4ultrapixel lens for selfies. It is also going to get many new and popular features on board.

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