Google Play Store has more downloads but Apple App store has 75% more revenue

Apple’s success story in 2015 also includes its competitive performance in app world. This was reported in fresh analysis showing a surge in Apple revenue from its apps. The report from app analytics company App Annie shows Apple is earning more revenue as compared to Google. Google Play Store however did secure more app downloads but it failed to generate revenue as Apple did with iOS apps.

Google Play Store has more downloads i n2015

The high app download is quite understandable with Google, considering the widespread availability of Android devices all across the world. Compared to the Android running devices the population of Apple’s iOS devices is limited. Therefore it doesn’t seem possible for Apple Store to beat Google Play Store in number of downloads.

As the Apple Annie observes Google Play Store saw twice app downloads than the Apple Store but it was failed to capitalize the high download in terms of revenue. Against the twice more apps downloads by Google Play Store, Apple has generated about 75 percent higher revenue. This is however not first time for Apple beating Google in revenue generations. Apple’s revenue was also high in 2014 but then it was 70 percent and for 2015 the difference went up to 75 percent.

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Google Play Store Vs Apple Play Store

App Annie has suggested a twice high app download by Google but the real number seems a little different due to its inability in tracking data from key iOS apps. According to the details the report is made out of data tracked from over one million apps. The report included 94 of top 100 publishers on both iOS and Android platforms.

However the iOS apps like the iTunes U, GarageBand, Keynote, Pages and Numbers were not included. This shows the possibility of many others left uncounted. Though the overall download will still remains high for Google but it may not be two-fold. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.