PlayStation VR Launch Bundle Is Up For Orders!

PlayStation VR The Sony PlayStation VR bundle is now available for pre-order. The virtual reality headset deal can be pre-ordered at Amazon, GameStop, and Walmart. The VR headset alone costs only $399 while the VR launch bundle which comes with the VR headset, PlayStation camera, PlayStation VR worlds game disc, cables, stereo headphones, demo disc and two move controllers will cost $500.

The PlayStation VR World game disc is a collection of five different VR experiences that have all been built exclusively for the headset. VR Worlds experiences are unique and thrilling with incredible visuals. The five experiences in the disc are; The London Heist, Into the Deep, VR Luge, and Danger Ball.

The PlayStation VR was initially named Project Morpheus, it is a PlayStation 4 driven headset. To track your movements PlayStation VR uses the PlayStation Eye camera along with the PS4 controller. The headset is equipped with a 1920x 1080 OLED display and it has a refresh rate of 120 Hz.PlayStation VR

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The thing to keep in mind is that the bundle does not include PlayStation 4 which is currently priced at $350. Those who don’t already own the console may want to consider holding off, because there are rumours that Sony is working on a new version of the PlayStation 4, with 4K support and more processing power for virtual reality.

Initially, Sony had not planned to make the core bundle available for pre-order, but now the standalone PlayStation VR headset will be released for resale on March 29 at the price of $399. This is a very good news for all the PlayStation fans out there, who already own the peripherals and only want to buy the headset. The core bundle will include the VR headset, cables, headphones, and a demo disc.

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The pre-order are selling out really fast, the PlayStation VR will be shipped in October. It has been predicted that the PlayStation will again beat Xbox One in sales this year.

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