Prague the 1st Android-based BlackBerry expected in August

Until now we have experienced BlackBerry with a complete environment of its own with not only OS but also with its own apps and other features. But it is not the same anymore as BlackBerry has decided to adopt the success of the Android into its already successful devices. Therefore, in a not too late date, may be months after, we may experience the BlackBerry and Android features on the same place.

We already have one of the smartphones of the project to anticipate the real devices. The device which is codenamed as BlackBerry Venice is set for launch not earlier than November. The device is reported with high end specs that may became among the key Android device with its launch in coming months.

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The device may arrive with display of 5.4 inch which is a curved QHD. Internally there will be a hexa-core Snapdragon 808. Though we have much of its details but it may not be the first BlackBerry with Android. There are also reports which suggest that the Venice will bring something different and the BlackBerry device with Android will be another one. This new device is expected in early in the August which is not too far.

Unlike the earlier device codenamed Venice the new BlackBerry”>BlackBerry device to host Android OS a low end device. It is codenamed BlackBerry Prague which you may get in your hands in August against the date of November for the BlackBerry Venice. The BlackBerry Prague is going to bring the form factor of an earlier device the BlackBerry Z3. The affordable device with all the famous features of BlackBerry was launched a year back.

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The details show some good signs but none is confirmed yet. User will be glad to have the first eye on the Android cum BlackBerry”>BlackBerry device therefore keep with us so we give you most updates reports regarding the launch.

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