Record breaking revenue of Apple in 2015

Apple has disclosed its third quarter revenue for 2015 of its all services by iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, Apple Music service and Apple Pay, etc and it suggests that Apple has broken all the records of profit.

Apple’s research show its investments and profits globally, where it claims that Apple did a business of $13 billion to shareholders via its Capital Return Program, increasing business up to 112% only in China. Company has done a business of iPhone up to 85% only in India and China and that up to 112% business only in China is compared to 33% worldwide business.

On the other hand, the business of App Store has increased 2 times only in duration of 4 months, where it received $208.8 billion via investing $200 billion in cash, there is more profit $10.7 billion over investment of $49.6 billion.

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Apple has done a business of $47.5 million through iPhone sales, which increased it revenue by 59% from last year, on the other hand it did a business of $10.9 million iPads, but it resulted in the decline of its revenue by 23% from last year.

Apple did a business of $4.7 million by selling Macs, which increased it revenue to 9% from previous year and it received an amount of $5 million via its different services which are iTune, AppleCare, Apple Pay and licensing, etc.

There is a report of returning $13 billion to shareholders, but at the next moment it received a cash amount of $15 billion from operations, on the other hand via iPhone revenue increased to 95% as compared to last year.

Apple has 456 retail stores in all over the world, among them only 190 retail stores are in United Sates of America; on the other hand it has planned to establish 40 stores in China in upcoming year.

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In another research report, there are 94% such users of Apple Watch who use and wear it on daily basis, and numbers of users are coming from Android to Apple’s iOS, on the other hand it has 1.5 million subscribers of Apple Pay till the end of this year.

Apple has given 20,000 iPhones to flight attendants, has totally 100 enterprise apps till the end of this year, currently it holds 13 new enterprise apps, 15,000 artist for music station generating $49 to $51 billion revenue of only fourth quarter. Although Apple did not reveal the profits through Apple Watch for different reasons but these huge profits helped Apple to retain 5th position in Fortune 500 list.

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