Reports: 2nd Gen Apple Watch in development? Almost 9 million Apple Watch units shipped in 2015

With an impressive opening, Apple Watch didn’t take much time to beat key players in the smartwatch market. The success of Apple Watch is widely admitted in the smartwatch market even without official statistics. There have been numerous analyses and market researches that proved the Apple Watch on the leading position but Apple kept the actual sales secret and it looks like it has no plans to share the numbers in near future.

2nd Gen Apple Watch

This secrecy of Apple led different independent analysts to estimate the actual sales. A similar research based on the market statistics of 2015 shows Apple has shipped about 8.8 million Watches that makes about 51.5 percent of the overall market.

The research here shows the shipments that Apple has made throughout 2015 without mentioning its actual sale. Therefore, we can still debate on Apple’s actual position in the market. However, Apple still seems close to the finding of the research as its shipments almost goes as per its potential demand. Also there has not been any issue that may suggest any conflict between the heavy shipment and sale of Apple Watch.

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The research shows around 17.1 million smartwatch sold all around the world in 2015. Out of 17.1 million Apple alone accounts for over 8.8 million watches. Against the key smartwatches in the market Apple Watch was a newbie. Launched in last April, the Apple Watch has relatively spent a short time in the market. Therefore, with a shorter exposer in the market the Apple Watch sales numbers seem outstanding.

Apple is planning to launch 2nd Gen Apple Watch much earlier?

With these appreciating performance and Apple Watch sales, Apple is going to introduce its second-generation Watch much sooner, this was stated in another report. The success story from the current Apple Watch seems making a good ground for Apple to introduce its futuristic concepts with upcoming Watch.


According to the details, Apple is in contract with same manufacturer i.e. Quanta for the development of 2nd Gen Apple Watch and the development phase is in its final stages. With these developing stories, we can suggest that Apple is going to launch the 2nd Gen Apple Watch within the couple of next months.

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The 2nd Gen Apple Watch is expected to be a stand-alone device with some advanced features on board. For improved connectivity, the upcoming Watch will include a modem and support 4G LTE connectivity. With these and many other features the next generation Apple Watch is expected to get unveiled in March at the Annual event by Apple.

So if you are planning to buy an Apple Watch, it s better to wait a little more. With the recent release of iOS 9.3 beta with some cool features like Night Shift mode and other options, one can expect some cool features in the 2nd Gen Apple Watch as well. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.