Ringing Bells faces legal action with only 30k Freedom 251 reportedly sold

The launch of Freedom 251 by the Ringing Bells stunned the smartphone market with unbelievable price of around $4 in India. Following the oddly low prices suspicions started immediately after the launch of Freedom 251. Legal authorities have already been after the Ringing Bells for its suspicious project, now the company seems encountering new controversies.

According to a new report the Ringing Bells has managed to sell out only 30,000 units of its Freedom 251 since the launch of the device couple of weeks back. It is quite disappointing making its already suspicious customers concerned about the device they have aspired for lowest prices.

As per the Ringing Bell’s claims it has received 70million registrations for the Freedom 251 so far. Earlier the company announced a confirmation email with payment options within 48 hours of registration but it has failed to do so. Now revealing the actual shipments, company says that it is going to sort out the users who have registered first. After sorting out the first 2.5 million users who have registered for the device, the company will start sending out emails.

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Freedom 251

As per the Ringing Bell spokesperson, the company is also considering cash on delivery. The customers will be offered to either pay online or pay cash on delivery after getting their Freedom 251. The company is right now trying out to emerge unscathed from the controversies it is facing with the low prices.

The company is ready make the first batch of its Freedom 251 with imported parts assembled in India. But it also eyes making components in India within 6 to 8 months after its infrastructure builds up. While trying out to end controversies, Ringing Bells was accused of not paying up by a customer service provider. The company may also face a court battle over the payment issue by the customer service provider.

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