Rumors say Asus ZenFone will have dual camera

These days everybody is going with dual cameras and now it seems to be that the new upcoming ASUS ZenFone will have dual camera. ASUS on Monday released a video of 10 just Second via their social media platform but that was enough for us to say that a new ZenFone will have the dual camera.


CES is right around the corner and ASUS will bring ASUS ZenFone to CES 2015 in Las Vegas in January. ASUS will be hoping that the dual camera setup will give it an extra chance when it is unveiled on January 6th 2015.

10 Seconds video was very short as we did not catch the big deal in that video but few seconds indicate us dual rear camera in upcoming ASUS ZenFone. Asus’s statement in the last “see what others can’t see” makes it very long and enough for us to claim that ASUS ZenFone will have the dual camera feature.

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