Rumors suggest Samsung galaxy S6 with Curves on both sides

Samsung galaxy S6 has not yet released in the market but the rumors have started to come before its release. Plenty of rumors are going around about the upcoming Samsung’s flagship smartphone. According to rumors going around the Samsung galaxy S6 will have the curved displays running on both sides. Rumors are that Samsung galaxy S6 will have curved displays running on both its right and left edges and this will be the best things out of the Galaxy Note Edge and the new Samsung A Series.

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Nowhereelse has released photos which they claim to be photos of Samsung galaxy S6. After seeing these photos we can say that Samsung galaxy S6 will be a metal-bound device. These photos revealed that from the bottom and the corner Samsung galaxy S6 frame take a lot of design cues from the Galaxy Alpha and Note 4. But one thing we want to say you that there is no authenticity of these photos at this time you have to take it as nothing else than rumors.

I think the more rumors are still to come as there is some more time remaining in unveiling of Samsung galaxy S6. The idea behind the rumors is to give more fuel by the flagging sales of the current flagship. Samsung is scheduled to unveil the Galaxy S6 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in March 2015. With the unveiling of Samsung galaxy S6 next year, Samsung will be looking to regain its place as the top smartphone seller.


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