Samsung adds two brand-new colors to Galaxy Note 5 line-up

Samsung Galaxy smartphones have their own name with exclusive properties in the industry. But within the family, the Galaxy Note 5 claims the hottest place so far. This is because of its powers under the hood and impressive design concept over the already popular Galaxy S6. But against the predecessors Samsung has apparently given it more attention and looks determined for even more. Here to find what the supersized device is going to get now.

This time Samsung might have thought that its users should have the Galaxy Note 5 in more colors. When it made its first appearance in the market the Note 5 was colored in Peal White, Black Sapphire and an additional Platinum Gold for premium looks. And now a fresh move by Samsung will add two more premium looks including a Silver Titanium and Pink Gold.

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Following the arrival of iPhone 5c in the market two years back the gold handsets marked a high earning spot in the market. Since then many devices arrived with premium looks featuring gold on their design. Thus with more premium looks Samsung seems targeting the very same section of market.

With more premium looks on the devices we may find Galaxy devices against Apple iPhone in the hands of users of premium devices. However, while Apple got its permanent role in premium devices, Samsung have yet shown lesser commitment. As we have seen in the Rose gold iPhone 6S and other devices Apple always considers its premium users in the first place.

samsung galaxy note 5 in two new colors

After current move Samsung may also claim some improvements in its position in the particular section. Samsung has also kept a distinction from iPhone 6S while choosing gold color for the Note 5. Its Pink Gold on the Note 5 is a little brighter than the Gold impression we find on iPhone. Both new color options will arrive in Korean market by 23rd of this month.

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