Samsung and Oppo violate consumers’ rights

The Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission has taken legal action against Oppo and Samsung due to violation of consumers’ rights on account if installation of unwanted and undesired apps in their brand new handsets which is a violation of consumers’ rights, states a representative of the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission of China.

According to the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission the both companies violate consumers’ rights by installs more 44 and 71 apps respectively in their brand new Smartphones which are using too many internal capacity, making the RAM loaded unnecessarily and majority of them are unwanted , unnecessary which do not have any relationship to the needs of a user.

The SCRPC further states that we have examined the brand new Smartphones of the Samsung Company in which 44 apps were already installed, among them majority were unnecessary ones which were installed by the company for the promotion of those apps, in the result of examining a brand new Oppo Smartphone, we have found such 71 apps which were unwanted. Most of the app does not have the option of the un-installation which is violation of consumers’ rights where consumers do not have a single right to uninstall them or not.

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On the basis of the violation of the Consumers right the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission keeps its responsibility to protect the rights of the consumers, in this instance the commission has decided to take legal action against the violation of the rights of the consumers against two Smartphone manufacturing companies, the Samsung and the Oppo.

The users demand clear handsets without pre-installed apps, because when a Smartphone is sold to customers then the right to use each thing of the handsets goes to the new owner of the Smartphones.
Still, both the companies have not given response to the legal notice of the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission, if the mentioned companies won’t response till their given time, then we will have a strong reason the go to the court against them, said a representative of the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission.

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