Samsung announces Gear 360 camera for immersive 360-degree footage

For accessories Samsung made a small presence with Gear 360 camera at the MWC 2016 as compared with LG which introduced a number of accessories to connect with its LG G5. The Gear 360 camera as you can judge it, is going to compare with the LG 360 CAM which was announced on the same day.

The Gear 360 camera is the Samsung’s answer to the LG 360-degree camera with similar functions as its LG counterpart. The Gear 360 enables the users to easily capture and see spherical videos and still images of their life moments. You can use the Samsung Gear 360 to edit the captured stills and videos on your Galaxy phone.


After you are done with editing, the results are available to be viewed right on the device screen or using the Gear VR headset. Also you can share the shoots from the Gear 360 with your buddies on social media. The camera results are nice as you can think of them which can improve with tools that provide in-depth editing. The Gear 360 camera offers external storage capacity of up to 128 GB where you can store your footage.

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The 360-degree video format has become popular with some noted names including Samsung Milk VR, Facebook 360 and YouTube 360 providing platforms where you can watch the footage. The Samsung Gear 360 comes with dual fish-eye lenses which enables it capturing immersive stills and videos at resolution of 3840×1920 pixels.


The results from Gear 360 are available for viewing in 2D on smartphone and in 360-degree on the Gear VR. The Gear 360 can also be set to shoot 180-degree wide angle videos. It is made to be a portable gadget in 153-gram weight with stylish looks, splash-proof and dust-resistant exterior. As per Samsung schedule the Gear 360 will be available in selected countries in second quarter of 2016.

Earlier Samsung announced its flagship devices of the year i.e. Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge at MWC 2016 and also announced its plans for Gear VR.

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