Samsung Galaxy Note 5 launch rumored for Europe in Jan 2016

Samsung a couple of months back announced the addition of Galaxy Note 5 into its portfolio. But its unlucky European users were left disappointed with no availability of Galaxy Note 5 in the markets there. This was probably to support the promotional campaign of its another Galaxy, The S6 Edge+. But now, it seems Samsung has revised its plans as reports show an expected launch date for Galaxy Note 5 in Europe.

The super size Galaxy Note 5 was liked much by its users in all other markets where it made its appearance on the day. Many of European users however manage to have their hands on it by importing from Asia. But the practice of bringing the Note 5 allegedly made through various channels cost its warranty. Thus, customers urge Samsung to let the Galaxy Note 5 roll out in the European market.

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A recent report appeared on a Romanian Blog shows Samsung’s altered plans for the Galaxy Note 5 in Europe. According to details the tech giant is now planning to bring the Note 5 in the European market early in January 2016. Thus wait for next two months and get the super size Note 5 on your hands with complete warranty.

samsung galaxy note 5 in two new colors

The arrival of the Galaxy Note 5 in January 2016 will follow the holiday shopping season in December. Samsung has also planned for a larger sale on this holiday season. Thus the arrival of Note 5 on expected dates or a little earlier can make it up for Samsung.

The report we quoted was based on some leaks from sources that are thought closed to the Romanian branch of the company. The details make sense as joined by some other gossips and rumors but still no confirmation from any official source. Yet two months to go from its expected dates in Europe thus we may get any confirmation meanwhile.

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