Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to release in July

Samsung shows good competition when it comes in terms of smartphones industry’s fight for the best. It eyes on the best and tends to break the already set trends by its aggressive moves. Now, once again we are near to see the same with the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 which might come to your hands much sooner than the anticipated release date.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was already expected to arrive in the market in this September. This follows the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge models in the upcoming IFA show. You can read Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge specs as well. However, the fresh reports show Samsung is preparing to launch its big show in months from now. End of July is the current talk about date which was reported by a Korean source.

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According to the reports, Samsung has met a faster production of its Galaxy Note 5. This made it possible for the Korean giant to jump into the busy market before the expected date. This advantage is now expected to be cashed in by Samsung thru early launch. This provided Samsung strategic advantage against the key competitor the Apple. The early launch will provide a lead over Apple’s hampered announcement regarding iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

galaxy note 5 release date

The Galaxy Note 5 is also expected with some forward looking technologies which is already building a good expected market. This will be a super product of Samsung adopting the Ultra-HD AMOLED screens with a big screen that will be stretched up to 5.89 inches and 5.78 inches for regular Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note 5 Edge respectively.

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