Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to come as curved edge model only

The latest rumors circulating about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 indicate that the phablet will not be available with a flat display. That means only one model of the device is expected to be released by Samsung this year and that model will feature a screen similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge. The Galaxy Note 7 model will feature a dual curved edge screen according to the latest rumor from Korea.

galaxy note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be revealed in New York City on August 2nd, according to a leaked image of the event’s invitations. Earlier this month, a teaser image had surfaced that appeared to confirm that the next Galaxy Note will be named Note 7 in order to stay in sync with the Samsung Galaxy S7 flagship.

This decision was made so an uninformed person wouldn’t mistakenly take the Note 6 to be a generation behind Samsung’s flagship devices. Samsung is also doing this so that its Note series is aligned with its flagship series. The teaser also revealed that there will be a curved edge display on the device that users will be able to write on, using the S Pen.

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The Galaxy Note 7 is rumored to feature a 5.8-inch Super AMOLED display with a 1440 x 2560 QHD display. If you are looking for a UHD display then you might want to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S8 according to the latest rumors.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be powered by the powerful Snapdragon 823 chipset. The device will feature 6GB of RAM to make the smartphone multitasking swift and stutter free. The Galaxy Note 7 will also feature a 12MP rear camera same as that of Samsung Galaxy S7 carrying an aperture of f/1.7.

Samsung latest upcoming Note 7 is expected to be equipped  with an iris scanner and/or a fingerprint scanner. The device will come with a whopping 4000mAH of battery capacity. There have also been rumors indicating that the Note 7 will  have iP68 dust and water resistance despite the huge slot for the S Pen storage. Assumptions are that August 2nd is the date the highly-awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be unveiled to users.

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